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Power Brake Exchange Core Policy

Core Charges and or Credits 

It is our policy to charge and credit cores to our customers. The cores must be in  our box and the part number and type of core that was purchased must be the same to  receive full credit. It also means that Power Brake Exchange Inc. will only credit back  cores that were billed to that particular customer. A core must be returned in rebuild  able condition. Damaged cores (broken plastic, studs, Stripped or broken mounting  holes, etc.) will not receive full core credit. A customer cannot return more cores than  purchased on a month-to-month basis.  

Core Pricing 

Cores can change in pricing from time to time depending on popularity,  availability etc. Power Brake Exchange reserves the right to make these dollar changes  at any given time. 

Core Credit Eligibility  

Cores that have been purchased from Power Brake Exchange will be credited  back on an ongoing basis. This does not include cores from a customer’s inventory that  are not repurchased. Those cores must be repurchased by another core such as a  more popular inventory item. Cores that are received in excess from purchases will be  put into a core bank towards future purchases. These cores will not be used to pay on  the account.